The League Of Extraordinary Bloggers

Introducing the League of Extraordinary Bloggers!

Cool & Collected came up with a devious plot... er.... idea; gather some of the most depraved minds of the blogging interwebs, give them a common goal/topic and see what they spin!

But I will pull a quote from the link above and let the man himself explain it:

Here’s how it will work…


Each Monday, I will announce a different topic here on Cool & Collected. For example, let’s say the first week’s topic will be the character of Snake Eyes from the G.I. Joe franchise.

Any blogger who wants to contribute to the weekly topic would write up an article about the specified topic (Snake Eyes) and post it on their site by the following Sunday. Once the article is posted, send me an email or DM with the link.

On Monday, I will put up a post of my own about the weekly topic (Snake Eyes) on Cool & Collected, and at the bottom of the post, I will write a sentence or two for each participating blog, pointing readers to those sites. At this point, I will also announce the topic for the next week.

Here, have from freshly-baked links!

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