Friday, April 3, 2009

First Horrific Issue!

I suppose you’re wondering why I have called you all here today… well my friends, tonight from my laboratory in the darkest recesses of an abandoned castle on Dead Vulture Mountain… I launch my creation. The Claymation Werewolf Digital Digest is born! My plan… is to entertain! Provoke thought, provoke fear! Provoke… pity? I ponder the questions of a life being raised by cartoons, and assembling a virtual army of some of the greatest action figures the 80’s and 90’s had to offer. I realize the CMW is far from being the first Generation Y blog, but unlike those that just list cartoons, show videos of the openings, or even describe episodes, I hope to provide a totally new insight on the cartoons, commercials, books, and toys of the golden age of cartoon pop culture. Together we will drink the gummi berry juice! We will BE the terror that flaps in the night! And we will unleash the power of Greyskull! But most of all I intend to throw you blindfolded and frightened into my experimental time machine, and journey to the nostalgia fueled chaos of my mind….Not literally of course (that comes later.)
Until next time, ride free citizens!

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