Sunday, May 3, 2009

After These Messages...

        Greetings Humans... The First official issue of the Claymation Werewolf Digital Digest has hit the stands! Incredibly, I am already behind on my goal to write at least one issue a week. (I will of course always stay on schedule in the future . . . scoundrel’s honor!)
        What you are currently reading is a “bumper issue” which I will periodically post to keep you abreast on the latest in the land of the CMW. I will give you a heads up on upcoming issues, changes in format and all other gloomy tidings. Other special editions will include:

Holiday Specials - Such as the recent Easter, and upcoming Mother’s Day issues. These will be produced the week of each holiday.

Commercial Breaks - Will be a video and short essay about a retro commercial. I will post these issues at times when I want attention, but don’t want to make a lot of effort.

        There will be other special issues announced later, as well as the regular issues of Claymation Werewolf. Each issue will focus on a specific story, not cartoons or products as a whole . . . so if you find yourself thinking “I waited all this time for the Ducktales issue and all I got was a four paragraph rant about whether or not Launchpad was a licensed pilot?” Fear not citizens, we will make a return flight to Duckberg.
        I hope you have enjoyed what you’ve read so far in my ongoing attempt to bring something a little bit different to the world of Gen Y Nostalgia. I did say different….not better.
Until next time.

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