Monday, December 31, 2012

I love it! All of it. Everything...forever.

Sometimes the geek community can be a little bit cynical. Hold on! hold on! I know opening a blog with that kind of ridiculous, over the top statement can sometimes turn people off to the point that they just immediately stop reading but please. Bear with me.

It's just that for a group of people that refer to themselves as "the fandom" they sure do find a lot of reasons to hate each and everything they see. They over analyze,  blow every continuity error out of proportion and freak out over every slight change the creators happen to make. But I'm not here to talk about those particular geeks. there's no way to help those poor souls, short of me appearing at their house in the middle of the night in chains, heralding the arrival of three ghosts.

I'm here to talk about a geeky group that could be saved. Those people on the opposite extreme. Who defend their favorite properties no matter what terrible nightmarish incarnations they might take. They are...oh...what's the word....

Don't get me wrong, I spend a lot of my time trying to add a little positivity to internet geekdom but there's being positive and then there's crazed, frothing, blind allegiance 

When I meet someone who is a fan of Pixar I feel a special kinship. Pixar has done some great things. Monsters Inc is one of my favorite animated movies of all time. Incredibles is also great! However if you are such a Pixar fan that you don't see that there has been a sharp decline in their quality (especially since the mouse bought them) I just want to put my arm over your shoulder and have a serious talk with ya. You see buddy, when you say things like that it really worries me. It worries me a lot.

Since Disney purchased Pixar in 2006 they began a hideous transformation into merchandise focused, quality compromising sequel factory. Seriously ANOTHER Toy Story? A Monsters Inc Prequel? A Finding Nemo sequel?? Finding Nemo! Did anyone ask for that?

But still, there are people who love the company and everything it does. They'll stand there with a giant grin on their face and no sign of life behind their eyes. They'll go to the parks and the stores and buy every ounce of merchandise they can. They'll act like Pixar just keeps getting better and better even when they inevitably release Cars 3 and 4 and 5 and whatever countless TV shows, spin-offs and live action role playing games they decide to make with it.
This doesn't do Pixar a service. It doesnt help anything. All it does is encourage the company to keep chasing the dollar.
Don't worry about quality guys just keep making stuff, we'll buy it! We don't care, we just want stuff!!

And when you send that kind of a message our there, this is what you get.

Look at it!

If you really want to be a true fan of something you have to realize that things grow and evolve. You have to be open to change but don't be such an apologist that you're blind to things going horribly wrong with the property that you love. All the studios have to gauge the public's response to change is money. And when you start throwing cash around like a drunken action figure collector these companies think they're doing a good job. Next thing you know theyre making a third in the live action Smurfs series! Is that what you want?

Some things are just bad. Transformer was a great cartoon and a fantastic toy line. The Michael Bay movies were bad. Don't pretend they weren't  Were not going to think your less of a Transformers fan. Were all friends here. Calm down.

Sesame Street was a great show, one of my favorites as a kid! It had a kind of homemade feel that kids could really relate to. It was like you really knew the you really LIVED on Sesame Street. But please for the love of Muppets, don't pretend that the too slick, over produced CGI infested spectacle that's on TV right now has anywhere near the heart and soul that the show started out with. Please.

I mean Mr Rogers was a legendary TV program but after it finally left television you didn't see them making some poor excuse for a-OH MY GOSH! PBS WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?!?!

I'm not trying to stand behind you with my hands on your shoulders like Emperor Palpatine trying to get you to embrace darkness and feed the negativity inside you, I just want you to use a little common sense. Love what is good and don't pretend to love what is bad. Seems simple enough right? We stood up to the Alien Ninja Turtle Movie! We stood up to the Star Wars Prequels! Let's just use this power toward everything, even the properties we love! Who's with me?


Oh well.


  1. I think this is basically the same human impulse that causes unquestioning allegiances to political parties and blind faith in religious organizations. Once some people have picked a team to support, defending it against perceived enemies seems to become the top priority.

    I haven't seen 'Sesame Street' lately, but I heard that Count von Count (my fave) had been watered down over the years.

  2. Well said. I used to argue for endless hours with a movie obsessed friend of mine about the difference between something being great and something that is great because you love it. And that there is nothing wrong with recognizing that something you love might suck. I point to my love of Saved By The Bell as an example.

  3. @Little Gothic Horrors: He is ABSOLUTELY watered down now! In fact, he hardly even kills anymore. No thanks Sesame Street! ;)

    1. Hahaha. The Count not killing anymore? Say it isn't so! Think of the children, Sesame Street!! ;)

  4. @Food Junk: Right! If you want to love bad, love bad! I know I do (Point Break for instance...) Just admit it. Don't try to say that it's genius. And if the quality of something you love starts slipping, recognize that. It's the only possible way to prevent its continued slide...

  5. I just tweeted about my dislike of Pixar films... and then I come across your post. Great stuff, I know you are coming from a slightly different angle and that you like those original films they did.

    However, to me, all those movies are like the sub-par sequels. Just to make money and sell toys... it's not art. Damn I hate CGI!!!

    1. Don't know how I missed this comment..all appologies! I'm kind of with you I am a huge gaurdian of puppetry, stopmotion, practical film effects and Hand Drawn Animation!!
      I guess the thing I enjoyed about Pixar (at first) was the fact that it felt like a group of artists having fun and creating a nice product. Like the early days of Jim Henson (I'm not at all comparing them to Henson...he was a genius) just the same kind of feel as a company. But I totally see what you're saying, I hated it when cg started becoming dominate. It feels lazy. It feels like a shortcut and it doesn't have the same charm at all.