Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Muppet Inception

First posted on April 16th, 2012 on The Cold Slither Podcast - CW post link

The year was 1984. Big Brother was watching over all of us…but what I want to know is…what were WE watching? Speaking for myself, I was a wolf pup of a mere three years old when the new bread of television programming arrived in September of ‘84.

Using a patented pop-culture research method, I have spent years cultivating I have found a way to literally look back in time to an age when TV was simpler. When fashion was much more corduroy and when people broke records, selling records. The year of Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Four.

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As I started to dig, I soon realized that the answers I found were more amazing than I could have possibly imagined! 1984 it would seem, was a year when the television industry was ready to take risks. Maybe it was the fact that they thought the dystopian future of George Orwell had finally arrived or maybe they had just realized that human civilization had finally reached its height and they wanted to make the most of it. Either way, we were given gifts like cartoon blocks introduced by music mogul Weird Al Yankovic! We had cartoons about wrestlers! TV shows about helicopters… Sitcoms about wrestling helicopters? Strangest of all someone was finally brave enough to air a show about two middle-aged women with kids, living in the 80′s, cooking dinner and having jobs!

But rather than try to put my spin on such an amazing era of televised programming, I’ll let this historic artifact speak for itself!

(Check out the Claymation-style TV listings, see if you can spot any Easter eggs! – Ed.)

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