Sunday, April 29, 2012

1992. A Banner Year.

This is a LoEB post~


What a year…A leap year. Presidential election year…the one with Bill Clinton, George Bush (no, the other one) and H Ross Perot. An election that produced some of the best presidential election skits in the history of Saturday Night Live.

We sent the “Dream Team” (a group that I believed at the time to be the closest thing the world had to a real life Justice League Of America)

Wayne’s World, Aladdin, The Bodyguard, Batman Returns, Basic Instinct and Braham Stoker’s Dracula hit the theatre.

More important than any of these things and in fact, the reason that we’re all here…In October of 1992, I turned 12 years old.

When I was 12, the weirdness that up untill then and been subtle, sleeping just beneath the surface, finally became the dominant force in my personality. In 5th grade, I created my first comic book with my friend Brandon. It was called Pizza Man! (pizza was pretty big in the early nineties, thanks Ninja Turtles!)

Pizza man was a lazy and carefree pizza cook working the night shift in a local pie joint. Next store to the pizza place is a bank which, on this night happens to be being robbed. The bank robber sets of explosives to blow the safe which causes an unforeseen chain of events, fusing our hero with the power of pizza. Flat and powerfull his head torso and arms were all made of pizzas and his fingers were pizza cutters! Pizza cutters… Anyway the explosion also shot the bank robber through the wall of the bank and into the pet store on the other side. Merging the criminal with a cat and creating the terrible villain Cat Man-Drew! Pizza Man and Cat Man-Drew would be forever locked in a comment with some kind of vague outcome that I never pinned down as it never got past issue one.

(A group shot of some of the memorable characters (what do you mean you don't remember them? created by the Quick Witt Cartoon Company.)
The following year I kicked my career up a notch by founding “The Quick Witt Cartoon Company! Acting on information (that turned out to not be true) I was inspired by the story of three teenage girls who created a fun cartoon and actually sold it to Warner Bros, creating Tiny Toon Adventures!

I thought “Claymation Werewolf…if they can do it, you can too!” And I set to work creating my own television animation masterpiece simply titled “Rover” It was about a Houdini dog that could escape from any leash, fence or yard. The story followed the lives of his owners and their interaction with their faithful escape artist dog. Once he inevitably got away, we would find ourselves in a brand new world full of talking animals…stray cats, a bully dog (owned by the female love interest of Rover’s owner) an extreme sports goose and a bevy of oddball animal characters. The show would constantly shift back and forth between these two worlds both existing at the same time.

                                                  (The Ever-Extreme Gary Goose...he's unstoppable!)
I didn’t just dream up this cartoon and walk away I put in some real work. Using the unique talents of several of my friends, we created character sheets with personality information…drawings of each character…background shots of commonly used scenes…everything!

I even got out my trusty cassette recorder and had individual voice recording sessions with my friends for each individual characters. This was the information I thought you had to put together to sell a cartoon to a major studio (as a 12 year old!) I was obsessed with the project and would put my friends to work every time we got together. I must have been a blast to hang out with!!

(*A never before seen copy of the doodle that inspired the Animated Series Rover! If some company would have come to their senses and bought Rover this picture would be worth hundreds of dollars!)

Besides my hardworking attempt to break into cartoon based showbiz (a dream I still havent been able to make myself give up) life went on. I developed a love for learning, especially creative writing I discovered a weird weird show called The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (the Rangers still exist…I can’t believe how much staying power that property has) and found some amazing books, from a new author by the name of RL Stine called Goosebumps!

In 1992 I also played matchmaker to my then best friend Vlad. He had his eye on a girl from “the other school” named Leslie. You see, in my school district the two elementary schools would merge when you entered middle school at 6th grade, so there would suddenly be all these strange and new students that you didn’t know.
Anyway in between creating a super important animated series, I began to talk to Leslie and pass her notes from Vlad and occasionally take notes back from Leslie to Vlad.

My masterful skills as a cupid worked and soon they were “boyfriend and girlfriend” even going to the Halloween dance together. Our very first real dance! …I went alone.
(A young Claymation Werewolf. Believe it or not this guy went to the dance date-less! For bonus entertainment check out that awesome orange nylon lamp in the background complete with decorative pegasus!)

As the years went by, I became friends, and then best friends with Leslie myself and then we occasionally dated and finally started “going out” eventually, I would go on to marry this girl and this past April 3rd marked our 8 year wedding anniversary.

1992... What a year.

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  1. Wow, that's crazy about you and your wife knowing each other so long.

    If you ever revisit that Rover show, call it Houndini. You can have that one on the house, just give me an Exec Producer credit LOL

    What is that big character on the left of the QWCC sketch?

  2. A young man dressed as Groucho Marx in 1992 goes dateless??? I'll never understand girls.

    My wife and I started dating in high school, and I always thought we were alone in that regard, so it was great to hear your story. When it's right, it's right. Right? ;)

  3. @Dex LOL thanks for the tip on the Houdini thing! I wonder if there could be a clever title that would involve both the names or something...gotta revive this project, it's my ticket to success (finally!) with you as Executive Producer of course!

    The Guy on the left....I dont remember his name but he was an alien huge head with tiny antenae on top long dress-like outfit with just his long feet sticking out on the i was a weird kid. glad that's past me! lol

  4. @Brian Right??? How do you not love Groucho? Maybe I was born waaaaay to late.
    I love meeting couples who have been together a long time. Everybody makes it seem like no marriage lasts longer than the first year. We gotta stick together!

  5. Wow, what memories! Congratulations on eight years and thanks for sharing all these cool pictures!

  6. Thank you very much Rick! I really appreciate that. It turned out to be quite the year

  7. I actually love that you paralleled the 1992 Dream Team to the Justice League. I couldn't agree more. I'm actually considering/planning writing a retrospective on them in August as that's the 20th anniversary of them getting picked.

    Oh, and that story about you and your wife is awesome. Congrats on 8 years. :-)


  8. Thank you very much Pax! yeah the DreamTeam where (overused but accurate) epic. I wasn't even a big sports fan but I got pulled into olympic fever for the Dream Team! I appreciate the kind words about the anniversay. I got out pictures to post in this thing and was blown away that we looked that young when we met. I knew how young we where but man! those pictures...We were kids!